Monday, June 29, 2009

First Doctors Visit and went to daddy's work

Went to the Medical offices again for my first two week check-up. Here are my stats: I am now 10lbs 3oz, 22 inches long, and my head measures (around) at 39cm. I am at the top of the charts the doctors say. I also had an explosive episode that got all over my car seat. Mom's going to have to do some laundry tomorrow! Daddy cleaned it up the best he could, but its better if my mommy washes it all clean tomorrow. They also told mommy and daddy that I need a Multivitamin supplement that I need to have to grow big and strong (Tasted it just a few minutes ago and spit all of it up.. Mommy needs to try again tomorrow with the vitamins).

After that (two hours long!) we all went to Daddy's work where it was HOT! Not just the out side but the inside as well! Every one that was there thought I was cute and a bundle of joy. I started to cry because it was hot and I didn't want to be there! The chocolate cigars were all but mush but it was a good thought and I heard it made Daddy happy and it looked like they were all but gone!

Tomorrow, Mommy is all by herself without Grandma or Daddy, so wish her luck!

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  1. Dear Bella,

    Grandma said that your mommy is doing a great job being a mom, so I think she's going to be fine. You can bet (I know you don't know what "bet" is yet) that your grandma will miss you and your mom and dad. She told me every day how much she enjoyed being with you guys. She will be kept very busy with your cousin Layton though, bringing him all the way to her house on Camano Island, Washington for a whole month! Maybe mommy and daddy will bring you here for one of the holidays. I saw your pictures and you sure are beautiful. I hope to see you in person sometime soon. Keep up the good work of eating, pooping, peeing, and sleeping. That's your job for now. Give my love to mommy, daddy, and the kitties. love, auntie Nancy