Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hi and Welcome

(Me only 6 hrs old; photo taken by Bob Terry)

This is the first entry of the Bella Blog! It happens to be Father's day as well! I am 9 days old and my mom and dad love me very much!
I was born on June 12, 2009 at 3:52 in the morning by emergency C-Section due to the fact I was a bit too big for my mom to have me naturally. When I came out I was 9 pounds 13 oz and 20 inches long!

The first 3 days of life my mom, dad and I, stayed at the hospital were there was a lot of bonding with friends and family. I got my very first bath and got used to the out side world (its a wild place and noisy!). I was released with mommy on Monday the 15th and was taken by grandma to my home. I met my big brother and big sister (both what daddy calls cats), and got to see where I will be living.

The 4th day (June 16th) I had to go to the hospital for a blood test for a condition called Jaundice. It's normal in babies but the prick on my heal hurt! They also did the test in the hospital, but it doesn't stop it from hurting! When it was done mom had to feed me and we went to a different room in the medical center and a nice lady took us to the back and let mommy feed me, also looked at my weight and color. Mommy and Daddy didn't know it but we were there to see her a little later, we unfortunately made every one late for the rest of the day! I saw another baby that was born on the same day as I, his nickname was "The Boss" though I didn't get a very good look at him. We were told that I needed more blood work since my levels went up to 18. So we needed to come back in two days to get more blood work done so that the doctors can see if I needed to go back to the hospital.

The 5th day (June 17th) we spent relaxing with grandma and I got my second bath. Mommy and daddy are both exhausted from looking after me but I can not look after myself at the moment!

The 6th day of my life (June 18th) was half spent in San Francisco to get my blood drawn again. Mommy told the nurse to put a lot of pressure on the cut because I bleed all over the place! Then we went to the lobby of the Lactation center so that I could get fed by mommy as I was crying because the wound in my foot hurt! Good news is that I don't have to go back for testing! The Jaundice count is down!

The 7th day (June 19th) of my life was scary! The morning and mid afternoon was spent with grandma and mommy and daddy picking out things for Father's day and little bits of foods. Also went to Mommy's work so she could give them paper work to prove I exist. Silly people. They oohed and awed at me, but most of them were at home. We went back to the hotel room and then the scary part happened. Mommy called the advice nurse as she had trouble breathing and wanted to call to see if it was normal as the not breathing part. When she got to the ER, the doctor had to admit her in the Hospital in the afternoon because she couldn't breath all too good. I didn't get to say good bye because of all the sick people. Daddy took me home with his sister and she watched me as daddy went back to comfort mommy. I was fed formula as mommy couldn't give me breast milk as the medication could be harmful to me.

The 8th day of life, yesterday June 20th, Mommy was still in the hospital and daddy gave me kisses from her but it wasn't the same as from her. I got to go to Aunt A's Birthday Party with Daddy and Grandma. I got passed around and a joke from one of the people there stated that another baby boy was my prom date. I don't know what prom dates are but they sound yucky! Went with Grandma as daddy went to see mommy again at the hospital. I was spending time with Grandma when who should appear MOMMY! I was very happy to see her again and she was crying as she was holding me because that's what mom's do when they haven't seen their babies. While I was with Grandma my bit of umblical cord that was attached, fell off. Mommy has it now but Gradma threw it away at first.

Today, as I stated I am 9 days old and today was Father's day! I spent it with my Grandpa J and my daddy. Mommy bought a Grandpa day card for me since I don't really know this holiday yet. I spent part of the morning in the car and went to a place called Yellow Submarine with Grandpa, daddy and mommy. I was fast asleep during the time they spent at the restaurant. Then we went back to Grandpa's home and I was fed there. Daddy took a small nap and mommy was passing out as we were sitting there enjoying classical music and just a good sense of relief that the family is back together again! Mommy says more pictures are on the way to every one and she will keep writing in this blog till when ever so please stay tuned!
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  1. You are so adorable Bella! Grandma sent me pictures of you and you live up to your name. We all love you very much. I loved reading about your first nine days. love, auntie Nancy