Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Just me and Mom on day 11

I felt really good that today I got to spend it alone with my mommy. We got to nap in the morning and hang out. Mommy actually got to use the baby monitor that she got for a baby shower present from Uncle A. I tested it out with a few screams and even with mommy in the next room it was amazing! I did poo twice (with out daddy being here) and actually had to take a bath again (yuck) because mommy didn't put the dipper on tight enough and got all over the both of us! Mommy actually fed me a bottle of formula because I ate most of mommy's milk because I am growing. Daddy came home just in time for mommy to take a shower and she got something to eat. I am going to sign off because I need my rest if I am going to have another full day tomorrow!

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