Sunday, June 28, 2009

Two weeks 2 days old; Sleeping eating and just tired!

From day 11 to now I have been spending my days with the family. On Thursday, Grandpa J spent some time with me and mom. He came down to visit me and mom. He gave us some pretty flowers called Carnations. Daddy didn't go to work that day either but he went to lunch with Grandma. We took a walk to the mall and went to BJ's. Mom and her dad had lunch while I sat and was quiet till the end. After that we went home and it was my turn to eat. After a quick nap for all of us. My dad came and surprised us with a new chairs and table for the back yard. There were only two chairs but mom got the camera out and took pictures of Grandma and Grandpa J with me. Then mom and I got a few pictures taken as well. This time mom didn't look too doped up.

Yesterday, I met my second grandpa. He was interesting. He didn't want to hold me but was very nice and complemented me on my eyes when I did open them. Then after grandma dropped 2nd Grandpa off at his car, we all went to Tanforan and met up with Auntie, Uncle and Cousin. We ate again at BJ's and they spent some time talking while I again slept. When we came home we bid farewell to Grandma, I guess she doesn't live as close as I thought she did. Some place up in Washington State. I am going to miss her! She had a calming effect for mom and I.

Today was chill day for daddy, mommy and I. We really didn't do much besides stay in bed for most of the morning and mommy got breakfast in bed. Then with me went back to sleep. After noon daddy went and got something called Pho-Retto which is code for Burrieto and Pho Soup. I was a bit fussy since I didn't get anything but I was happy to see daddy again and some time soon I hope I can enjoy what they get to eat!

I am getting a little fussy so I better go! Tomorrow I go to the doctors and go to my daddy's work. I all ready went to mommy's work so I get to see some different people. More tomorrow!

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