Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Gas, gas and more gas

Lately I have been having a lot of gas pains this is leading to a lot of sleepless nights for both Mommy and Daddy and myself. Mommy thinks she found a solution. She gives me drops that help process the gas and then just pats my bottom till I pass out and go to sleep. I usually pass the gas a few times as my body processes the drops. Even with Mommy's bad back she is trying to make me comfortable. Daddy gets more frustrated because he can't sleep and Mommy is now in the acceptance period and she hopes, like I do, that this passes soon and I can get them on a schedule that allows them more sleep.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Mommy threw her back out and good news!

This morning when Mommy was getting me ready for a trip to San Francisco to see another doctor for her shoulder (Mommy sure has a lot of Doctor visits!) she got up out of bed with me and screamed in pain. She couldn't stand up straight and Daddy told her to get some thing called a pain killer to help her with her back. Daddy had to stay home because Mommy couldn't lift me in my car seat if she tried! After the commotion we went to San Francisco and saw her doctor. He worked some kinks out of Mommy's bad back and shoulder.

Then we went to see a doctor for me. Mommy made an appointment on Friday with the Lactation people to make sure she is giving me enough food for today. When we were there Mommy found out that I weigh 11 lbs 12oz! The doctor said I was almost eating too much (You can never get enough of the good Mommy Milk!) because of what I weighted. She looked at me while feeding and told Mommy that I was eating because I was growing and that made me gassy and upset, but because Mommy and Daddy are new at parenting they thought some of my screams were of hunger and not because of the gas. The doctor recomended some gas drops and told them that I can actually sleep a little longer with out the fear of me wanting food in the middle of the night and that was good news to Mommy and Daddy. We also went around a little in San Francsico but didn't stay long.

That wraps it up. Now we have to run to the drugstore to get some gas drops for me so I can feel 100% better!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

BART and San Francisco

Yesterday Mommy and Daddy helped Daddy's friends move to a new appartment. I was good except it was HOT and I didn't like being in my stroller as cool as it is, air conditioned it is not! But Mommy took me out and we visited with the people that helped. We also got my birth announcements! Mommy will soon be getting them in the mail. She needs to get a picture resized and it's just a matter of addressing them and sending them out!

Today Daddy took me and Mommy to San Francisco. We took BART and had no troubles with the people on the street. I only got fussy when it was time for me to eat and that was on the way home.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Long car ride in the afternoon

Yesterday Mommy had her appointments with her doctors so Daddy and I went with her and then we went back to Daddy's work to meet a few more people that didn't get to see me when I was there last. After a meeting Daddy had to go to, We went to the DMV and Mommy can drive again! She is very happy and now thinking about renting a car for when Grandma comes to town again. When we were done with the DMV we went through San Francisco to a new Whole Foods, to get some dinner and some items that we need for the house. Daddy wanted to go a different way, but ended up in rush hour traffic! We were all cranky and tired and wanted to get home by the time we got to the store. We ended the day very late and Mommy got cranky (and later appologized for it) at Daddy because again I kept Mommy up and Daddy was snoring.

On my side I am 5 weeks old tomorrow and getting the hang of the small world I am now inhabiting. I am learning about clean vs dirty diapers, Mommy and Daddy are very happy and very tired. Teaching Mommy my crys and coos and trying to smile each day. Dreading Tummy Time, though my neck and arms and legs get a work out every day as Mommy and Daddy keep doing tummy time with me!

As we speak I am waiting for Mommy to finish lunch. Hurry Mommy!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mommy had a little sleep

Yesterday was an all day affair with me and Mommy or is it Mommy and I, I don't know. Any way yesterday I only had an hour nap and was up about 8 hrs. Talk about your long day! I was very fussy and Mommy was very tired from the night before, because again I woke up at 2 am and didn't go to sleep till 6 and woke up again at 8am then took a nap around 12. So Mommy didn't get her nap on and Daddy came home late because he had to work.

I was passed to Daddy after Mommy stated she needed some sleep and she went to sleep in the living room as I was in there with Daddy. She wanted to be there if there was any trouble with me. As the night wore on I was placed in my car seat and put on the bassinet's rails and it made a swing for me and as Daddy rocked me I went fast asleep. Mommy was still in the living room when I awoke in my C0-Sleeper and pestered Daddy for something to eat. He fixed a bottle and that awoke Mommy. I ate the formula and then Mommy held me for a while so that I would be comforted and then placed me back in the Co-Sleeper and I went back to sleep in an hour instead of 4!

Wow Mommy feels like she could basically do anything right now. She is looking at me in the car seat and debating if she should wake me for my lunch. Even though I can wake myself up with some hunger pains, Mommy doesn't like to hear me cry! But as I said Mommy got some sleep last night and wonders if its a new trend or did I go easy on Daddy as I did stay awake for 8 hrs. yesterday.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

I am one month old today!

I am a whole month old. I can't believe it neither can my Daddy or my Mommy. It was celebrated with a bath and a bunch of pictures and a visit from a person named Tom, Mommy and Daddy's friend from San Francisco. It was a fun visit because when he was done we went to San Francisco to drop him off and then went back home and watched an old movie. I was happy and content from the car ride and a full tummy.

Mommy and Daddy have a tough road a head due to my sleep schedule. Daddy thinks now I have gotten into a schedule because this is the 4th night I have woken up around 10pm and not gotten to sleep till 2am or 3. Mommy hopes its not going to last because when she can't go to work with only 2-4 hrs sleep unless she sleeps immediately after work and skips dinner. But that is two months away. She hopes my sleep goes back to at least to their normal soon. I don't know if I can do that just yet.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Tomorrow I will be 1 Month old!

How time flies when your first born. Last month at this time Mommy was in the hospital getting an induction and waiting for me to come out. All the family was hinged on me coming into this world very healthy and happy. I have experienced a lot since I came out. Mommy is very happy that I came into this world with out any damage from the car accident that happened when I was in her tummy, though she can't be 100% sure that there might be a problem latter on, but now I am happy and very healthy.

Today, I woke up and spit out all the yucky vitamins the doctor has Mommy giving me and didn't take a nap till 2:30 in the afternoon! I guess Mommy wanted me to sleep earlier but I wasn't tired. Daddy and Mommy finally took me out in the car and I fell asleep in Baker's Square while they were eating lunch.

Tomorrow Mommy is going to take a 1 month picture as she will do every month for a while. She wants to document every little thing I do but I keep her very busy and tired at least for now. I will lighten up on Mommy some time in the near future but not right now.

Right now Daddy's at home working from home on his computer he says the thing he is working on is broken but only Mommy seems to understand what daddy is talking about.

Enjoy the evening!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Crazy Two days!

So Monday night I went to sleep and woke up at 3:3o am and couldn't get back to sleep except for a two hour nap me and Mommy took. Then the rest of the day with out a nap and drove Mommy nuts with frustration. Daddy didn't get much sleep either but went to work in the morning. After that me and Mommy spent the whole day trying to see which one of us would just collapse. It was Mommy, she had to feed me formula just to see if I was hungry. And I was. But Mommy thinks it was a few sips of caffeine that she had the previous night to make me the crazy baby. Daddy had to take Mommy and me out to dinner because Mommy wanted to go out. I went out with them and passed out in my stroller and then kept quite. Mommy and Daddy were very happy at this point.

Today after a peaceful night sleep (I woke up twice and Mommy got to sleep a bit), we all went to San Francisco to get Mommy's medical records. Daddy dropped us off and we were alone for the first time in a long time. We got the medical records and went around to find if we could take the shuttle downtown so that Mommy could fax it to her work's Short term disability place. She decided to fax it from work because it was over 50 pages and she didn't want to fax it with her own monies. The shuttle from the hospital didn't go down town by the time she asked the bus driver so we took the bus! I couldn't see much but Mommy took real good care of me, when we did stop she walked to Kinko's and that's where she figured her work would absorb the cost of the fax. Then we walked to Wells Fargo and got stamps then went to Macy's to give the letter to the Post office. After that I had to be changed. That started the big hunt for the bathroom. When we got to the bathroom, there were changing places but no lounge for Mommy to feed me. I was changed and then was crying a bit to be fed, so Mommy went to the waiting chairs and fed me there. She thought it was the best place but also thought she was going to be thrown out because she wasn't sure if Macy's had a policy about no breast feeding in the store. To her surprise no one mentioned anything and was also scared when I spit up on the seat. It wasn't as bad as the back of her shirt but you could tell something spilled on the back of the chair.

I think she wanted have some one say something as she could have sued them and got mounds of monies for a settlement so that the other mommies could have a place in Macy's to feed their babies.

Any way, after that we went to her old work at the Metreon, I guess to show me off again to her old friends and show me where Daddy and Mommy met. When we got there, it was closed and everything gone. So we walked to Bloomingdale's to get to the BART train. My official first time out side Mommy's tummy! I was sleeping and made some fussy noises but wasn't crying. We walked home but didn't stop at the mall as Mommy wanted to change my diaper and get some down time.

The mail man came and delivered Mommy's birthday gift from Grandma. Its some teething jewelry that I can chew on. She wants to thank Grandma and Auntie for the nice gift. I will be chewing on it in no time!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Chill day and a bath

Today all of us slept in, except for Mommy who was up feeding me but we had a good snuggle between feedings. Daddy fed the cats and went back to sleep. Then we went out to the hallmark store for Mommy to get the birth announcements. It's not too late to get them out, I think, also she needs to get the Thank You cards out. It might be the same day that they arrive together! After that we went to Costco and bought provisions for Mommy and Daddy. They were thinking about buying me more wipes but we have plenty for now. If not Daddy can buy more on the way home.

People there kept starring at me. Have they not seen a baby before? I was hungry so Mommy fed me there and while I was crying some guy says it gets better while showing his own kid in the shopping cart. I didn't know you got babbies at that store.

Mommy is more relaxed about my feedings. I am getting heavier and the milk is keeping me full or at least putting me to sleep. I have wet diapers and poo ones two in the last 3 days so Mommy feels better about not giving me a bottle even when Daddy suggests it. I don't care either way because I am getting food.

Daddy gave me a bath so I smell really good right now. Got to go my diaper needs to be changed!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

My first 4th of July

Yesterday was fun, it was Mommy's 30th birthday and I am 3 weeks old! She said it was anniversary of the day she was born because she can't be born each year. Daddy got Mommy a new gaming system, which she can take pictures of me and daddy. She calls it a DSi from Nintendo. Daddy also got a birthday card and wrote my name as well. I also had no formula yesterday! All my food came from Mommy. She said it was the best birthday present for her. I was confused because I was under the impression that people gave you birthday presents not you give your self the birthday gift. Oh well. Grandpa J came to visit and we went down to Birlingame to have a birthday lunch. I just sat in my car seat and watched the people go by with my eyes closed. After lunch they went for Ice Cream and I again watched. What can a baby do besides that until they can eat solid foods. Mommy went shopping and got some type of belly support that helps her suck in her tummy and some tops to wear so that she doesn't have to all ways pull up her shirt when feeding me.

Today daddy, mommy and I went shopping for things I can play with along with things for them like food. Here is the Tummy time mat they got me:
I really haven't used it but I am looking forward to using it. The only difference between the picture and my mat is that the pillow is green not blue. Pictures of me and the mat will arrive in email and not on the website. Mommy says there are too many crazy people out there and it would be better if I didn't get any fans out in cyberspace, just yet.

In preparation for the 4th of July, Mommy had Daddy close the windows of the house. There were some loud Booms the other day and the kitties were scattered every which way. Occasionally Daddy thought Mommy fell or hurt her self and so they didn't want to have those noises come inside. I think we can still hear them but not as loud as when the windows were open. Well I am going to nap for a while so that I can give mommy some time to collect her thoughts! I guess Happy 4th of July to all... I think I need to learn why this day is important sometime in the future.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Trying to teach Mommy

Since I am alone with mom all day for now, I am trying to teach mommy all about my cries. When
I'm hungry, tired and just need attention. I think she is still having trouble, but is getting better in some respects. There are a couple of cries mommy still needs to master.

Yesterday, mommy got dressed all by herself, but we didn't go anywhere. Mommy was tired from waking up every two hours to feed me. Mommy got my car seat all clean and now has to work on the bassinet as it has gotten dirty. Also she needs to wash some of my things. who knew being two weeks old there would be a lot of laundry just for me.

Today mommy feels better but her medication for her head is still making her very sleepy! Daddy has been talking to mommy about the change that might occur if she goes back to her old medication. I might become a formula baby full time instead of part time. I don't know how mommy feels, but when I look up at her she seems very sad to give Breastfeeding up because she knows its very good for my health. But then again I don't want my mommy to cry and cry because she doesn't know what to do about this situation. Daddy says its ok, I really just want to get fed at the times when I am hungry and I don't want mommy to feel any pain because she is worried she's not feeding me enough from her breasts because of my need for a bit more food than some one who is smaller than me.

I also found out yesterday that Mom and Dad's friends Dan and Michelle are going to have a baby in January of 2010! They don't know if its a boy baby or girl baby yet, so mommy's going to venture a guess of a Boy, since its got to be a 50/50 chance.