Sunday, July 5, 2009

Chill day and a bath

Today all of us slept in, except for Mommy who was up feeding me but we had a good snuggle between feedings. Daddy fed the cats and went back to sleep. Then we went out to the hallmark store for Mommy to get the birth announcements. It's not too late to get them out, I think, also she needs to get the Thank You cards out. It might be the same day that they arrive together! After that we went to Costco and bought provisions for Mommy and Daddy. They were thinking about buying me more wipes but we have plenty for now. If not Daddy can buy more on the way home.

People there kept starring at me. Have they not seen a baby before? I was hungry so Mommy fed me there and while I was crying some guy says it gets better while showing his own kid in the shopping cart. I didn't know you got babbies at that store.

Mommy is more relaxed about my feedings. I am getting heavier and the milk is keeping me full or at least putting me to sleep. I have wet diapers and poo ones two in the last 3 days so Mommy feels better about not giving me a bottle even when Daddy suggests it. I don't care either way because I am getting food.

Daddy gave me a bath so I smell really good right now. Got to go my diaper needs to be changed!

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