Thursday, July 9, 2009

Crazy Two days!

So Monday night I went to sleep and woke up at 3:3o am and couldn't get back to sleep except for a two hour nap me and Mommy took. Then the rest of the day with out a nap and drove Mommy nuts with frustration. Daddy didn't get much sleep either but went to work in the morning. After that me and Mommy spent the whole day trying to see which one of us would just collapse. It was Mommy, she had to feed me formula just to see if I was hungry. And I was. But Mommy thinks it was a few sips of caffeine that she had the previous night to make me the crazy baby. Daddy had to take Mommy and me out to dinner because Mommy wanted to go out. I went out with them and passed out in my stroller and then kept quite. Mommy and Daddy were very happy at this point.

Today after a peaceful night sleep (I woke up twice and Mommy got to sleep a bit), we all went to San Francisco to get Mommy's medical records. Daddy dropped us off and we were alone for the first time in a long time. We got the medical records and went around to find if we could take the shuttle downtown so that Mommy could fax it to her work's Short term disability place. She decided to fax it from work because it was over 50 pages and she didn't want to fax it with her own monies. The shuttle from the hospital didn't go down town by the time she asked the bus driver so we took the bus! I couldn't see much but Mommy took real good care of me, when we did stop she walked to Kinko's and that's where she figured her work would absorb the cost of the fax. Then we walked to Wells Fargo and got stamps then went to Macy's to give the letter to the Post office. After that I had to be changed. That started the big hunt for the bathroom. When we got to the bathroom, there were changing places but no lounge for Mommy to feed me. I was changed and then was crying a bit to be fed, so Mommy went to the waiting chairs and fed me there. She thought it was the best place but also thought she was going to be thrown out because she wasn't sure if Macy's had a policy about no breast feeding in the store. To her surprise no one mentioned anything and was also scared when I spit up on the seat. It wasn't as bad as the back of her shirt but you could tell something spilled on the back of the chair.

I think she wanted have some one say something as she could have sued them and got mounds of monies for a settlement so that the other mommies could have a place in Macy's to feed their babies.

Any way, after that we went to her old work at the Metreon, I guess to show me off again to her old friends and show me where Daddy and Mommy met. When we got there, it was closed and everything gone. So we walked to Bloomingdale's to get to the BART train. My official first time out side Mommy's tummy! I was sleeping and made some fussy noises but wasn't crying. We walked home but didn't stop at the mall as Mommy wanted to change my diaper and get some down time.

The mail man came and delivered Mommy's birthday gift from Grandma. Its some teething jewelry that I can chew on. She wants to thank Grandma and Auntie for the nice gift. I will be chewing on it in no time!

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