Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Gas, gas and more gas

Lately I have been having a lot of gas pains this is leading to a lot of sleepless nights for both Mommy and Daddy and myself. Mommy thinks she found a solution. She gives me drops that help process the gas and then just pats my bottom till I pass out and go to sleep. I usually pass the gas a few times as my body processes the drops. Even with Mommy's bad back she is trying to make me comfortable. Daddy gets more frustrated because he can't sleep and Mommy is now in the acceptance period and she hopes, like I do, that this passes soon and I can get them on a schedule that allows them more sleep.

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  1. Dear Bella,

    When your dad was your age he was allergic to anything but soy formula. Until he was put on soy formula, he had terrible gas pains just like you're having. It was horrible seeing him suffer so much just like your suffering now. I know your mommy wants to feed you breast milk, but I hope she and your daddy will think back to when you were eating soy formula and sleeping much better. Your comfort is more important than anything right now and should come first before anything, even if it means you have to change to soy formula. love auntie Nancy