Thursday, July 16, 2009

Long car ride in the afternoon

Yesterday Mommy had her appointments with her doctors so Daddy and I went with her and then we went back to Daddy's work to meet a few more people that didn't get to see me when I was there last. After a meeting Daddy had to go to, We went to the DMV and Mommy can drive again! She is very happy and now thinking about renting a car for when Grandma comes to town again. When we were done with the DMV we went through San Francisco to a new Whole Foods, to get some dinner and some items that we need for the house. Daddy wanted to go a different way, but ended up in rush hour traffic! We were all cranky and tired and wanted to get home by the time we got to the store. We ended the day very late and Mommy got cranky (and later appologized for it) at Daddy because again I kept Mommy up and Daddy was snoring.

On my side I am 5 weeks old tomorrow and getting the hang of the small world I am now inhabiting. I am learning about clean vs dirty diapers, Mommy and Daddy are very happy and very tired. Teaching Mommy my crys and coos and trying to smile each day. Dreading Tummy Time, though my neck and arms and legs get a work out every day as Mommy and Daddy keep doing tummy time with me!

As we speak I am waiting for Mommy to finish lunch. Hurry Mommy!

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