Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mommy had a little sleep

Yesterday was an all day affair with me and Mommy or is it Mommy and I, I don't know. Any way yesterday I only had an hour nap and was up about 8 hrs. Talk about your long day! I was very fussy and Mommy was very tired from the night before, because again I woke up at 2 am and didn't go to sleep till 6 and woke up again at 8am then took a nap around 12. So Mommy didn't get her nap on and Daddy came home late because he had to work.

I was passed to Daddy after Mommy stated she needed some sleep and she went to sleep in the living room as I was in there with Daddy. She wanted to be there if there was any trouble with me. As the night wore on I was placed in my car seat and put on the bassinet's rails and it made a swing for me and as Daddy rocked me I went fast asleep. Mommy was still in the living room when I awoke in my C0-Sleeper and pestered Daddy for something to eat. He fixed a bottle and that awoke Mommy. I ate the formula and then Mommy held me for a while so that I would be comforted and then placed me back in the Co-Sleeper and I went back to sleep in an hour instead of 4!

Wow Mommy feels like she could basically do anything right now. She is looking at me in the car seat and debating if she should wake me for my lunch. Even though I can wake myself up with some hunger pains, Mommy doesn't like to hear me cry! But as I said Mommy got some sleep last night and wonders if its a new trend or did I go easy on Daddy as I did stay awake for 8 hrs. yesterday.

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