Monday, July 20, 2009

Mommy threw her back out and good news!

This morning when Mommy was getting me ready for a trip to San Francisco to see another doctor for her shoulder (Mommy sure has a lot of Doctor visits!) she got up out of bed with me and screamed in pain. She couldn't stand up straight and Daddy told her to get some thing called a pain killer to help her with her back. Daddy had to stay home because Mommy couldn't lift me in my car seat if she tried! After the commotion we went to San Francisco and saw her doctor. He worked some kinks out of Mommy's bad back and shoulder.

Then we went to see a doctor for me. Mommy made an appointment on Friday with the Lactation people to make sure she is giving me enough food for today. When we were there Mommy found out that I weigh 11 lbs 12oz! The doctor said I was almost eating too much (You can never get enough of the good Mommy Milk!) because of what I weighted. She looked at me while feeding and told Mommy that I was eating because I was growing and that made me gassy and upset, but because Mommy and Daddy are new at parenting they thought some of my screams were of hunger and not because of the gas. The doctor recomended some gas drops and told them that I can actually sleep a little longer with out the fear of me wanting food in the middle of the night and that was good news to Mommy and Daddy. We also went around a little in San Francsico but didn't stay long.

That wraps it up. Now we have to run to the drugstore to get some gas drops for me so I can feel 100% better!

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