Saturday, July 4, 2009

My first 4th of July

Yesterday was fun, it was Mommy's 30th birthday and I am 3 weeks old! She said it was anniversary of the day she was born because she can't be born each year. Daddy got Mommy a new gaming system, which she can take pictures of me and daddy. She calls it a DSi from Nintendo. Daddy also got a birthday card and wrote my name as well. I also had no formula yesterday! All my food came from Mommy. She said it was the best birthday present for her. I was confused because I was under the impression that people gave you birthday presents not you give your self the birthday gift. Oh well. Grandpa J came to visit and we went down to Birlingame to have a birthday lunch. I just sat in my car seat and watched the people go by with my eyes closed. After lunch they went for Ice Cream and I again watched. What can a baby do besides that until they can eat solid foods. Mommy went shopping and got some type of belly support that helps her suck in her tummy and some tops to wear so that she doesn't have to all ways pull up her shirt when feeding me.

Today daddy, mommy and I went shopping for things I can play with along with things for them like food. Here is the Tummy time mat they got me:
I really haven't used it but I am looking forward to using it. The only difference between the picture and my mat is that the pillow is green not blue. Pictures of me and the mat will arrive in email and not on the website. Mommy says there are too many crazy people out there and it would be better if I didn't get any fans out in cyberspace, just yet.

In preparation for the 4th of July, Mommy had Daddy close the windows of the house. There were some loud Booms the other day and the kitties were scattered every which way. Occasionally Daddy thought Mommy fell or hurt her self and so they didn't want to have those noises come inside. I think we can still hear them but not as loud as when the windows were open. Well I am going to nap for a while so that I can give mommy some time to collect her thoughts! I guess Happy 4th of July to all... I think I need to learn why this day is important sometime in the future.

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