Saturday, July 11, 2009

Tomorrow I will be 1 Month old!

How time flies when your first born. Last month at this time Mommy was in the hospital getting an induction and waiting for me to come out. All the family was hinged on me coming into this world very healthy and happy. I have experienced a lot since I came out. Mommy is very happy that I came into this world with out any damage from the car accident that happened when I was in her tummy, though she can't be 100% sure that there might be a problem latter on, but now I am happy and very healthy.

Today, I woke up and spit out all the yucky vitamins the doctor has Mommy giving me and didn't take a nap till 2:30 in the afternoon! I guess Mommy wanted me to sleep earlier but I wasn't tired. Daddy and Mommy finally took me out in the car and I fell asleep in Baker's Square while they were eating lunch.

Tomorrow Mommy is going to take a 1 month picture as she will do every month for a while. She wants to document every little thing I do but I keep her very busy and tired at least for now. I will lighten up on Mommy some time in the near future but not right now.

Right now Daddy's at home working from home on his computer he says the thing he is working on is broken but only Mommy seems to understand what daddy is talking about.

Enjoy the evening!

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