Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Trying to teach Mommy

Since I am alone with mom all day for now, I am trying to teach mommy all about my cries. When
I'm hungry, tired and just need attention. I think she is still having trouble, but is getting better in some respects. There are a couple of cries mommy still needs to master.

Yesterday, mommy got dressed all by herself, but we didn't go anywhere. Mommy was tired from waking up every two hours to feed me. Mommy got my car seat all clean and now has to work on the bassinet as it has gotten dirty. Also she needs to wash some of my things. who knew being two weeks old there would be a lot of laundry just for me.

Today mommy feels better but her medication for her head is still making her very sleepy! Daddy has been talking to mommy about the change that might occur if she goes back to her old medication. I might become a formula baby full time instead of part time. I don't know how mommy feels, but when I look up at her she seems very sad to give Breastfeeding up because she knows its very good for my health. But then again I don't want my mommy to cry and cry because she doesn't know what to do about this situation. Daddy says its ok, I really just want to get fed at the times when I am hungry and I don't want mommy to feel any pain because she is worried she's not feeding me enough from her breasts because of my need for a bit more food than some one who is smaller than me.

I also found out yesterday that Mom and Dad's friends Dan and Michelle are going to have a baby in January of 2010! They don't know if its a boy baby or girl baby yet, so mommy's going to venture a guess of a Boy, since its got to be a 50/50 chance.

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