Saturday, August 22, 2009

Went on a field trip with Mommy

Mommy didn't want us to stay inside all day yesterday so this is what we did. First we went on CalTrains and I did not mind the noise at all! Then we went to AT&T park to see if there was a Giants game I could see for the first time. Nope, they were away for the weekend. Mommy was disapointed, but she bought me a winter hat and herself a hat, but there wasn't one for Daddy. We were about to leave when Mommy saw they gave tours of the ball park. It was something to do and we had no where to go so she got a ticket and we walked around the ball park. Half way through my diaper needed changing and I was HUNGRY! So Mommy tried to keep me calm, but since we could not stop to eat or change me, I just didn't stop untill Mommy went to Borders and changed me there she also fed me in the childrens section. After that Mommy bought me a few more books. One book was a big book of Nursery Rhymes, now Mommy has no excuse for forgetting or needing to look on line for the words. We walked to BART and waited for Daddy to get off work.

Today we got a late start so me, Daddy and of course Mommy ate lunch at the Beach. We went to the water and I got my feet dunked in the Pacific ocean. The water was cold but I did not cry at all! Then we went across town to CostCo and we got some more of my birth pictures for the birth announcement. Mommy got one other picture for herself to put in a picture frame. Then went to AT&T park to get tour tickets so Daddy can see most of what we saw and so Mommy could see the things we missed on the last tour. After that we drove down to Fry's in a place called Palo Alto. I did not see much, there were a lot of people going in and out of the store. Boy, I have had a long day!

Baby sleeping off the excitement of being here. on TwitpicWee we're on the train! on Twitpic

Monday, August 17, 2009

Sunday went to the Doctors (TMI)

Saturday night Mommy was changing my diaper and she noticed a glob of stuff in my BM. It wasn't normal for a baby to have that and she called the advice nurse right away. They said it was a good thing that Mommy called and scheduled a non emergency visit to the doctors for Sunday. Mommy saved the diaper to make sure that if it didn't happen again then we would have a sample of it to show. Well it didn't and this is what we found out.

1. I am a very happy two month old and gained 6 more ounces.
2. Mommy needs to lay off the milk.
3. I might have a milk allergy like Mommy and Daddy.

Now I have to help Mommy clean because we are having a visitor tomorrow!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

3 YouTube Videos

This was taken on Aug. 12, 2009. Baby Swing was just set up by Mommy.

This was Mommy's attempt to get me to smile on Aug 4, 2009 in the eve.

This is Mommy's first attempt at the iPhone Camcorder on Aug 4, 2009 in the morning.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

First Day in the park

Friday Daddy had a company picnic in Larkspur, so me and Mommy went too. While we were there a lot of people from Daddy's work got to meet me and I got to talk with them with out being in a HOT office. I got to put my fingers in the grass for the first time and got to see water that wasn't Ocean water or Bay water! The grass felt weird because it didn't look like the grass Mommy and Daddy give kitties. It was shorter and had little things that Mommy calls daisy's (a type of flower not the Girl Scouts). I didn't get to go to the play structure because it was sunny and I am a little too small to go play on the play structure and the swings. Mommy doesn't want to mess up my neck and she says there will be plenty of time to go to playgrounds and swing and go down slides! Then while we were going home, Mommy drove the car because Daddy said he was getting tired.

Mommy and Daddy are going to decide on a crib in a few days. The Pediatrition said by 3 months I should have a crib because I might roll away in the co-sleeper because I am getting more active. Mommy told the Dr. that I am able to roll myself on my side since I was a few days old, but I think because the bed can't be lowered and when I start pulling myself up from naps and sleep, I might hit the floor. They are looking at the convertiable cribs. They are a crib, toddler bed, a day bed (fancy way of saying a toddler bed with out the rails) and either full or queen size beds after that. Mommy has seen a crib that can go from a full to a queen size bed! I wish I can get one of those beds!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Swing, Swing, Swing!

Today my 2 month birthday gift arrived. A swing from Mommy and Daddy. I was asleep when Mommy put it together so I didn't get to swing in it the moment it was ready for me. Mommy knows not to wake a sleeping baby.

I had my two month shots on Monday and didn't get a bad case of the fusses, but I did stay up very late and couldn't be soothed for anything. Mommy was the one that stayed up with me and tried to calm me down. Tuesday I was a bit better, but I had a slight temperature, but nothing too dramatically high for us to go to the ER and scare Mommy and Daddy with. I did get to sleep around 8ish and didn't wake up till 11:30-12 and woke up again around 4:30ish for food. Mommy had me stay with Daddy when I woke up because Mommy didn't get to sleep her self till 1:30am just in case I was going to be difficult again. But I was not and had some Daddy/Daughter time with him (even though I was sleeping most of the time).

Monday, August 10, 2009

Doctor Visits

Aug. 5th doctor visit was to see if I had any thing wrong with me because I am not sleeping like a "baby". I know since I am one I should be sleeping like one, but I am not and Mommy and Daddy were worried that because I am not, I could have some thing wrong with me. The doctor checked me and I was perfectly healthy. The doctor gave Mommy a sheet of 20 things to do if i was fussy (most Mommy and Daddy tried), and told her that if I am up for an hour, I should have a nap after the hour. The doctor also said a swing will help as well and recommended a swing that was bought Saturday, so it should arrive either tomorrow or Wednesday.

Today is a very painful day. Today I get my two month shots. Mommy is not looking forward to them because I might have a bad reaction and get sick. She has the Tylenol, but not looking forward to a sick Bella. Mommy wants a happy healthy me!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Long weekend and more!

Sorry about the delays in the blog. Mommy and I have been very busy and sleepy!
This past weekend Mommy rented a car and we were moblie with out Daddy. Mommy drove to San Francisco to get a note from the doctor to extend her medical leave so she can stay with me for a little while longer. Then we waited for grandma as she was flying in with cousin from the month long vacation. Then Daddy met us at the hotel room and told us that he had a 4 day weekend to spend with us. Grandma, Mommy and I were happy that Daddy had the time to spend with us! Then at dinner time we met Auntie and then listened to the conversation they were having, but I couldn't understand what they were saying so I slept through it.
Friday - We picked up Grandma and cousin from her hotel and went to breakfast. Again I was in the car seat listening to what the big people were saying. Then we went to a place called CostCo and put in a picture to be developed for what they call my Birth Announcement. It took a very long time (one whole hour) to get processed and I was not the only one bord. Cousin was bord too and kept busy by pushing me around in my stroller. After that we went to a place called Whole Foods. After Mommy fed me we walked through the food area and Mommy got her lunch. Then we went back to the hotel everyone ate lunch and the then Mommy and Cousin went swimming! I couldn't stay in the pool area too long so Daddy took me back up to the room and stayed there till I was hungry and me and Daddy got Mommy to feed me. After she took a shower, Mommy fed me and waited till Cousin's daddy came to pick him up. After that we went to get the grown ups food.
Saturday - Spent the afternoon with Grandma. Mommy and Daddy went to see a movie, Harry Potter. I guess Grandma was a bit out of practice because she had a hard time catching her breath. And thanked Mommy and Daddy for coming back when they did. She said I went through a lot of outfits, all my food, some formula and I was still hungry! After Mommy fed me we all went to dinner and said our good nights!
Sunday - Daddy and I had a treat. Daddy's dad Grandpa A came and spent some time with us. Auntie, Uncle and Cousin also were there along with Mommy and Grandma. Mommy took a few pictures and Grandpa A had to leave. They ate breakfast and I looked around at the head of the table. Mommy changed my daiper and I went potty again while I was getting changed and Mommy did not have the diaper bag so I was half naked baby untill I had a new oneies on me. After the breakfast the small group that was my family went to Birlingame and up to San Francisco to kill some time before taking Grandma to the airport. Then we went to the Oakland Airport and said goodbye to Grandma, I am going to miss her. After that Mommy and Daddy got pizza and went home. On the way home I started to cry but Mommy couldn't hold me because we were in traffic for a very long time! Daddy was upset because the car was running out of gas and there was a lot of traffic on the road.
Monday - We went to San Francisco again this time for Mommy's doctor. After that we saw Mommy's step-daddy Grandpa J. We all went to Best Buy to show Grandpa J some cameras because his is broken beyond repair. Then we went to what Mommy and Daddy call the Hall of Records to get my birth certificate to prove that I exist and that Mommy and Daddy are really my Mommy and Daddy. Grandpa J had to go so we dropped him off at the bus stop and wished him well. We had some fun downtown and Mommy had to return the car. She was sad, but will get a car soon, she hopes!
Tuesday - Daddy returned to work and I got to sleep late in the night so it was another typical night. During the day I didn't take any nap and Mommy thought I would pass out! Nope, I was still wide a wake till 3 in the morning. Mommy called the advice nurse to see if there was something wrong that we would need to see the doctors right away. Nope, they told her to call in the morning to get a doctor's appointment and give me gas drops to see if that will calm me down. It made me fart but nothing major came to be.
Today - Daddy called the advice line and got a mid day appointment but the doctor was able to see me earlier. I'll write later to what she says. By the way, the nurse just weighted me and I am 12 pounds 12 oz!