Monday, August 10, 2009

Doctor Visits

Aug. 5th doctor visit was to see if I had any thing wrong with me because I am not sleeping like a "baby". I know since I am one I should be sleeping like one, but I am not and Mommy and Daddy were worried that because I am not, I could have some thing wrong with me. The doctor checked me and I was perfectly healthy. The doctor gave Mommy a sheet of 20 things to do if i was fussy (most Mommy and Daddy tried), and told her that if I am up for an hour, I should have a nap after the hour. The doctor also said a swing will help as well and recommended a swing that was bought Saturday, so it should arrive either tomorrow or Wednesday.

Today is a very painful day. Today I get my two month shots. Mommy is not looking forward to them because I might have a bad reaction and get sick. She has the Tylenol, but not looking forward to a sick Bella. Mommy wants a happy healthy me!

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