Saturday, August 15, 2009

First Day in the park

Friday Daddy had a company picnic in Larkspur, so me and Mommy went too. While we were there a lot of people from Daddy's work got to meet me and I got to talk with them with out being in a HOT office. I got to put my fingers in the grass for the first time and got to see water that wasn't Ocean water or Bay water! The grass felt weird because it didn't look like the grass Mommy and Daddy give kitties. It was shorter and had little things that Mommy calls daisy's (a type of flower not the Girl Scouts). I didn't get to go to the play structure because it was sunny and I am a little too small to go play on the play structure and the swings. Mommy doesn't want to mess up my neck and she says there will be plenty of time to go to playgrounds and swing and go down slides! Then while we were going home, Mommy drove the car because Daddy said he was getting tired.

Mommy and Daddy are going to decide on a crib in a few days. The Pediatrition said by 3 months I should have a crib because I might roll away in the co-sleeper because I am getting more active. Mommy told the Dr. that I am able to roll myself on my side since I was a few days old, but I think because the bed can't be lowered and when I start pulling myself up from naps and sleep, I might hit the floor. They are looking at the convertiable cribs. They are a crib, toddler bed, a day bed (fancy way of saying a toddler bed with out the rails) and either full or queen size beds after that. Mommy has seen a crib that can go from a full to a queen size bed! I wish I can get one of those beds!

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  1. To my sweet angel,
    Parks and the out of doors are so much fun! Sounds like you might be an outdoor lover my little punkin (that is what my daddy used to call me). I can't wait til I can take you out in the great outdoors! I am so looking forward to seeing you. I have a few work events to schedule and then I am going to schedule a multi-day visit with you in the next couple of months and get to meet you in person. I am so excited to do that!
    Love and kisses to my little angel,
    Gramma Pen