Saturday, August 22, 2009

Went on a field trip with Mommy

Mommy didn't want us to stay inside all day yesterday so this is what we did. First we went on CalTrains and I did not mind the noise at all! Then we went to AT&T park to see if there was a Giants game I could see for the first time. Nope, they were away for the weekend. Mommy was disapointed, but she bought me a winter hat and herself a hat, but there wasn't one for Daddy. We were about to leave when Mommy saw they gave tours of the ball park. It was something to do and we had no where to go so she got a ticket and we walked around the ball park. Half way through my diaper needed changing and I was HUNGRY! So Mommy tried to keep me calm, but since we could not stop to eat or change me, I just didn't stop untill Mommy went to Borders and changed me there she also fed me in the childrens section. After that Mommy bought me a few more books. One book was a big book of Nursery Rhymes, now Mommy has no excuse for forgetting or needing to look on line for the words. We walked to BART and waited for Daddy to get off work.

Today we got a late start so me, Daddy and of course Mommy ate lunch at the Beach. We went to the water and I got my feet dunked in the Pacific ocean. The water was cold but I did not cry at all! Then we went across town to CostCo and we got some more of my birth pictures for the birth announcement. Mommy got one other picture for herself to put in a picture frame. Then went to AT&T park to get tour tickets so Daddy can see most of what we saw and so Mommy could see the things we missed on the last tour. After that we drove down to Fry's in a place called Palo Alto. I did not see much, there were a lot of people going in and out of the store. Boy, I have had a long day!

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