Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Grand Dad day

Mommy went back to work on Friday and it was fun to spend time with my Daddy. Then the weekend came and I was glad Mommy was home again! Then Monday came and Mommy went to work in the morning and I spent it with Daddy. We hung out and I napped a bit and also just had fun. Then Mommy came home and Daddy left for work.

Today was a different day. Mommy went to work and Daddy went to work. I had Grandpa J to look after me. I was very good. I ate my brunch and took a nap for two whole hours! He did a sketch of me which Mommy will post later for all to see. He changed my diaper and let me listen to the radio while I was taking a nap. When Mommy came home I was fussy and settled down again after Mommy held me for a few minutes. We went to Wendy's and while Grandpa and Mommy talked I took a short nap and listened to their conversation. After that we came home and Grandpa left and went to his house. Mommy is now watching me and we are awaiting Daddy to come back home from his long day at work.

Oh yeah, Grandpa said this is the first day of Fall. What is that?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bella meets the DDS

I went to the dentist office with Mommy today. She had her teeth cleaned (I did not know teeth needed to be cleaned!) and x-rayed. I got a rubber ducky and a lot of attention from the people that work there. After Mommy got checked the doctor looked in my mouth and said that teeth are there but not yet broken through and she said that some babies get low fevers but not all so Mommy can only wait and see.

Monday, September 14, 2009

A Special Treat

Here is another YouTube video that you all might enjoy. Its a little dark but I am still there in the center!

Two Week Wrap up

Forgive me for not posting for a while. As I said below Mommy, Daddy and Grandma Fran have kept me real busy, so I haven't had time to post anything in a while. So here is a great run down of what I have been doing.

Sept. 3: Grandma came and we all had dinner together. She brought stuffed animals and a bee stockings with a bee on the butt. Mommy wants to get the giraffe stockings as well.
Sept. 4: Went around town with Grandma and Mommy. Did some site seeing of different trailer parks around the San Francisco area. We got turned around because a few of the trailer parks were not there anymore. There were new houses not trailers!
Sept. 5: Grandma Fran took me for a couple of hours because Mommy and Daddy say its hard to clean a house with me around due to all the dust and other stuff that they don't want me to inhale that was kicked up by the cleaning. Daddy did laundry at what they call a Laundry Mat. He did 20 loads of laundry, not even my laundry! When we got back it was a nice clean house!
Sept. 6: Had a chill morning with Mommy and Daddy and then went to a BBQ at the T's home. Daddy made brisket that was the hit of the party and every one thought it was chicken. It was beef! Got to see and meet some more people. There weren't any people my age but hopefully I can soon.
Sept. 7: Another chill day with Mommy and Daddy, in the after noon we went to meet Auntie, Uncle, Cuz and Grandma Fran for lunch. It was very good food of what I could see and good company too. Later after shopping we went to Aunties home and saw the new addition to their family. A dog named Poppy. I saw lots of cats there too! They almost have a zoo in their home!
Sept. 8 and 9: Had another two days with Grandma Fran. Mommy was tired most of the two days because I kept her up. We had some of the mornings to ourselves as it was nap time for both of us. Mostly I did the napping. Grandma Fran got the trailer site she wanted and will be here in a few weeks to look after me at GranCare for a few months while Mommy and Daddy work during the day.
Sept. 10: Mommy and I had a nice relaxing day. We went on a walk and had some fun with Tummy Time. I am able to turn over tummy to back, now and occasionally back to tummy. I am still working on that along with trying to use my legs and arms to crawl.
Sept. 11: Field Trip Friday! We went to San Francisco and had a good time downtown. We didn't really do much since Mommy is a little broke right now. We saw all the pretty outfits in Bloomingdale's and saw some cute outfits for me, but like I said Mommy couldn't spend that much money so we looked around and shopped with our eyes.
Sept. 12: Mommy gave Daddy some time to play a thing called a PlayStation3. So Mommy and I went to a craft store and bought some craft items to make some pages in what mommy calls a scrapbook and to make a background for this blog when she gets a chance.
Sept. 13: Went to see Grandpa John. Daddy wasn't feeling so good, he had a bad headache so he stayed home. While there Grandpa made funny noises that came out of his mouth and we walked to a place for Mommy and Grandpa to get lunch. Then went back to his house for a while longer so we can give daddy some more time to rest his head. Daddy took me out for a little bit so that Mommy could have some down time. Latter that evening it started to (as Mommy and Daddy put it) rain. Mommy took me out side to feel a rain drop or two on my toes and then came right back in and wiped them off, so I don't get sick. They also got out my rain cover for my stroller.

Today, it's 4 days till Mommy goes back to work and she is very sad about it along with the smarts that she needs to go back to work so that we all have kibble (Food) to eat and that we can have a roof above our head. So I think Mommy is going to have a field trip on Thursday.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

0-3 months old

a comic strip!
Sorry I haven't written in a while. Mommy and Daddy and Grandma Fran have kept me real busy over the last week. I promise to update you all tomorrow but here is something Mommy did to celebrate me turning 3 months old today.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Day at the Zoo

Yesterday I went to the zoo with Mommy and slept through the WHOLE experience. Mommy tells me that we saw lions and tigers and bears and giraffes and penguins and a kola bear and kangaroos and monkeys and two polar bears and fancy birds! She tells me that there is a baby monkey that was born a few days a head of me (June 7th). While we were there Mommy got some pictures of me in my stroller and the animals behind. Daddy was at work so he couldn't go this time but there is always the next time.
At the Zoo shop Mommy got me a stuffed giraffe and the key to the Zoo! Its not the elephant key that Mommy has and Daddy grew up with its actually a Monkey key. Mommy put the key in the Mary Jane box so we don't lose it and the kitties don't eat the plastic string.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Going to the zoo

Today I am going to the zoo for the first time with Mommy. I am going to write more as we are just getting out the door so be on the look out for more!