Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Grand Dad day

Mommy went back to work on Friday and it was fun to spend time with my Daddy. Then the weekend came and I was glad Mommy was home again! Then Monday came and Mommy went to work in the morning and I spent it with Daddy. We hung out and I napped a bit and also just had fun. Then Mommy came home and Daddy left for work.

Today was a different day. Mommy went to work and Daddy went to work. I had Grandpa J to look after me. I was very good. I ate my brunch and took a nap for two whole hours! He did a sketch of me which Mommy will post later for all to see. He changed my diaper and let me listen to the radio while I was taking a nap. When Mommy came home I was fussy and settled down again after Mommy held me for a few minutes. We went to Wendy's and while Grandpa and Mommy talked I took a short nap and listened to their conversation. After that we came home and Grandpa left and went to his house. Mommy is now watching me and we are awaiting Daddy to come back home from his long day at work.

Oh yeah, Grandpa said this is the first day of Fall. What is that?

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