Wednesday, November 11, 2009

MD visit (not scheduled)

Yesterday Grandma came home with me and told Mommy and Daddy that there was a patch of skin under my neck that was pink and looked raw. Mommy said she would call the advice nurse because it was something she was concerned about too because she noticed it in a smaller form a while back. Well, Mommy called the advice nurse and she said make sure its dry and put some over the counter medication and then Mommy asked about my breathing because I tend to breath in like I don't have breath when I get excited and the nurse on the phone said better safe then sorry and mommy made an appointment for last night. The doctor saw us right a way and said nothing was wrong with my breathing and no Asthma or any thing in my lungs! The patch of red skin was a condition called Exima and that we would need to have medication on it for a week! I'll keep you posted on before and after shots of my neck problem a little later. Got to get Mommy ready for her work!

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