Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mommy's Sick

So this week has been a few MD visits. As I've been getting better with the neck thing (See below posts), Mommy has been sick. Monday I stayed with her and did not go to GrandCare. Tuesday I went with Mommy and Grandma Fran to the hospital as Mommy had a doctor's appointment. She got a sick note from the MD and she could stay out all week from work. The only thing is that I have been shuttled for a few hours to GrandCare so that Mommy can get a bit of rest. Unfortunately, she has been not resting! yesterday I come back and the dining room had been cleaned. It needed it but Daddy wasn't happy that Mommy wasn't sleeping. And today I might come back to a messy house but at least Mommy took a shower to clear out her lungs. Tomorrow is the last day of the week and another 3-4 hrs at GrandCare. Then next week its a short week with a thing called Thanksgiving Mommy and Daddy are talking about, then a thing called Christmas. There are too many things I need to remember right now its making my head hurt - in a good way!

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