Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Two Recomendations

As my post below says, I am getting teeth. Most pediatricians say that (Mommy has been saying this to me) by 3 months I should have a wash cloth to clean my mouth out when I take a bath as to get used to something in my mouth. Well that didn't happen but Mommy did buy me the things below so I can start now to build a better habit of brushing my gums/teeth. The first is the Green sprout Tooth brush. Its not cheep but Mommy likes there is a circular disk that acts like a guard so I don't jam it in my throat and choke on it. The bristles are soft and very flexible and can be chewed on for days. I can hold it my self as well, but Mommy and Daddy move it around so other parts of my mouth can be brushed too.

Toothpaste, Mommy uses the Earths Best kind that can be swallowed. I didn't care for the taste as much as I do now. I was unsure of the brush that comes with it though because it was Mommy's finger and I didn't have control like I do with the toothbrush above.

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