Sunday, December 20, 2009

Three weeks with out a post!

I am so sorry for keeping all of you in the dark for three weeks! Mommy and Daddy have been fighting the cold and colds, work and keeping up with a growing me. I promise in the new year to keep this up-to-date with the most resent happenings.

The first weekend of December we went to a grocery store and saw a Santa Representative. I was told that the real Santa depends on them to ask all little boys and girls what they want and emails Santa what they want. I want my two front teeth! Mommy asked for me since I can't speak right now. He has a few more days to bring them or I am going to be mad!

I turned 6 months last Saturday, December 12, 2009. For my 6 month birthday I got a food maker for mommy to make my baby food in when I get out of the yucky mush they make me try now. It is SUPER hard with out a high chair, but Mommy is making due with the few items we have around here; including Daddy!

I got my 6 month shots on December 14, 2009! They hurt a lot more now that I realize what the person, Mommy calls a nurse, does with the long poky things called needles. Mommy says I was a trooper but I don't like when they hurt. I also got my H1N1 (piggy flu) shot. I need to go back for the booster next month. Not looking forward to that! The growth is posted on the side (Bella Milestones). I am getting big at 20 pounds 8 oz, the doctor said I didn't grow taller but it could be the way the nurse held my feet when taking the measurement. Mommy's proud of me even if I didn't grow that much in a month. Though I think I have. We will wait for the next check up and I heard Mommy talking with Daddy about doing it themselves.

This past week was another busy week for Mommy and Daddy. They were able to get more things for this holiday called Christmas which is coming up this week and it felt for them time was speeding up.

Yesterday Daddy got Mommy a new computer for herself. She was sharing a computer for a while with Daddy because the older computer was broken and she couldn't play her games. I got a new computer too! It is not as snazzy as the one Mommy got but its safe for me to play with and they said it was part of my Christmas presents from them. I didn't get them anything, but then I do give them presents all the time. (Think hard on that one and email Mommy if you still don't know!)

I didn't win the Gap photo shoot thing Mommy entered me in to but Thank you for all the people who voted for me!

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