Wednesday, May 5, 2010

It's been a long time!

Hi let me re-introduce who I am. My name is Arabella "Bella" H. Mommy says I shouldn't say much about who I actually am because of scary people out there. Any way, I am sorry for the breif blog drop. Mommy did not feel like writing since she was sick! I can not help but worry about her when she is sick and daddy worries about her all the time!

I will give a small synopsis of the months:
January: turned 7 months and didn't get sick as mommy and daddy turns out Mommy had a sinus infection so it was over welming for us!

Febuary: turned 8 months old. Celebrated daddy's and Grandpa John's birthdays. Mommy now calls them Birth-a-verseries because it's more atuned to birth months like mine!

March: I turned 9 months old! Went on an airplane for the first time. Mommies grandpa died so we went back to Minnesota (it's a little chilly!) and met my Grandpa Rene and Grandma Barbara for the first time. Grandma Barbara is totally fun to be around. Also two teeth showed up!

Me and daddy on the plane!

April: I turned the double digits of 10 months old! I am able to now crawl and walk with some assistance. I really want to walk soon so I can chase the kitties and pet them!

And this last picture was taken May 1, 2010 sorry I am a little distant but I was posing for a picture where my 1st birthday party will be held. Can you guess where it is??


Sunday, January 24, 2010


So its been a few weeks since Mommy has been well enough to sit down with me and write things about my weeks!

I turned 7 months old on the 12th and am growing bigger. I am eating rice and peas, and now carrots. I am actually going to eat meat for the first time in my small life soon so I very excited about that. I don't know what it should taste like but I hope its not going to be awful! I also had some Applesauce (YUMMY!) for the first time as well. Mommy says its going to be for Breakfast, but that is another word I need to get a concept for.

On the 16th, Mommy and Daddy took me to the California Academy of Sciences  and we saw lots of people. I think the highlight for me is seeing the big fish tank (as seen above) with all the fish in it! I was very awe struck that there that many fish! Also it was the first time I saw that many fish in my life! The other things I saw were a white alligator, seahorses, and touch a Starfish. That was kind of weird because it was bumpy and the water was COLD!

Talking about colds, I got my first real knock out cold of my life, I don't think it was from the cold water since Mommy and Daddy have been sick a lot so I think its from them. I get my nose sucked out every time Mommy hears me sneeze and Daddy tries to hold my hands above my head so I don't move. I also need rest but I don't want to sleep!

As a tribute to Mommy's second team in Football, Mommy dressed me up in the onesie that she got a long time before I was born and hoping to send MN people good luck today because it is one of her favorite teams and I don't know if I could fit into this next year (it states 12 months on the label)! Daddy Is trying to distract me from trying to move a lot. Silly Daddy! I think I can be their good luck charm this year!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Pink puffy jacket

I got this for Christmas from Grandma Fran. I think I need to grow a bit more before I can fit into it. What are your thoughts?