Sunday, January 24, 2010


So its been a few weeks since Mommy has been well enough to sit down with me and write things about my weeks!

I turned 7 months old on the 12th and am growing bigger. I am eating rice and peas, and now carrots. I am actually going to eat meat for the first time in my small life soon so I very excited about that. I don't know what it should taste like but I hope its not going to be awful! I also had some Applesauce (YUMMY!) for the first time as well. Mommy says its going to be for Breakfast, but that is another word I need to get a concept for.

On the 16th, Mommy and Daddy took me to the California Academy of Sciences  and we saw lots of people. I think the highlight for me is seeing the big fish tank (as seen above) with all the fish in it! I was very awe struck that there that many fish! Also it was the first time I saw that many fish in my life! The other things I saw were a white alligator, seahorses, and touch a Starfish. That was kind of weird because it was bumpy and the water was COLD!

Talking about colds, I got my first real knock out cold of my life, I don't think it was from the cold water since Mommy and Daddy have been sick a lot so I think its from them. I get my nose sucked out every time Mommy hears me sneeze and Daddy tries to hold my hands above my head so I don't move. I also need rest but I don't want to sleep!

As a tribute to Mommy's second team in Football, Mommy dressed me up in the onesie that she got a long time before I was born and hoping to send MN people good luck today because it is one of her favorite teams and I don't know if I could fit into this next year (it states 12 months on the label)! Daddy Is trying to distract me from trying to move a lot. Silly Daddy! I think I can be their good luck charm this year!

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